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Air fryer Chocolate Souffle

Easy Chocolate Souffle is a decadent, rich chocolate dessert that will live long in your memory. This classic French dessert appears difficult to master, but it isn't. A rich chocolate souffle, on the other hand, only requires a little focus, love, and attention. This is a simple chocolate souffle recipe for four, but it can easily be scaled down to serve two or six people. The interior is gooey, soft, and incredibly airy, while the exterior is beautifully baked and delightfully crunchy in the corners. Many people believe that chocolate souffle is a difficult dessert to make, but it is not.

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  • It says 20 mins at the top but I’d keep an eye on them

  • Can you let me know how much time the chocolate soufflé should cook for in the air fryer? I don’t see steps past #13. I appreciate your help.

    Lisa West
  • pour la recette du soufflé au chocolat, après l’étape 13, on fait cuire combien de temps?
    on dirait qu’il manque des informations pour finaliser la recette.

    Josee Dumais

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