ULTREAN 2 Slice Toaster FAQ

1、How do I use the heating function?
Press the pull rod down to the bottom to start the heating function. Press the "Cancel" button, the lever pops up and the toaster stops working.
2、Where is the cord on this toaster?
The cord is attached to the underside towards the back side.
3、How long does it take to toast bread?
In the third slide of the product diagram, you can clearly see the corresponding time for each level.
4、Does the unit stay cool on the outside when toasting?
The toaster only gets a little bit warm on the outside.But we recommend not touching the toaster while it's working.
5、Can you toast a bagel? is wide enough?
The toaster has a "Bagel" function. The specific size of the toaster is shown in the seventh picture.
6、Does the toaster have a three prong plug?
The toaster has a two prong plug -- not a three prong.
7、Does this toaster beep?
The toaster doesn't make any noise. Only it makes the sound of a lever popping up when it's done.
View the user manual: https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/81peH2k1OEL.pdf
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