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Q: Is the teflon now ptfe or pfoa free in this ultrean air fryer?

A: It's BPA and PTFE free.


Q: Can I put aluminum foil, parchment paper or liners inside the air fryer?

A: You can, however you might want to line the very bottom of the basket and not on the actual rack because the air will not circulate so easily. You could also try using pre-cut, perforated parchment paper on the bottom too so there will be enough circulation inside
You may use high quality and oven safe liners. However you might want to line the very bottom of the basket and not on the actual rack because the air will not circulate so easily.
It's best to use pre-cut, perforated high quality parchment paper so there will be better hot air circulation inside if you really need to use linings for your rack or inner pan-- especially when baking or reheating but avoid using one at all times.
Just make sure that the food's weight is enough to keep it down as the rapid hot air inside could blow it away and may cause electrical issues or damages

Q: Is it suppose to smell like chemical?

A: Not after initial usage. I added a fresh lemon to the fryer and ran it before cooking food in it. This worked well and has no chemical smell.


Q: Am I able to order a single replacement grill insert?

A: We don't sell one. However if your order is still within the warranty, just let us know why you need one and we'll be glad to help. Please check your user manual to see how you can contact us. Thanks.


Q: There is mention of a basket. Is that the air fryer drawer or is there an actual basket (that was not included in box)?

A: The basket and the fryer drawer are the same.


Q: What is the warranty?

A: We provide 12 months warranty.


32QT Toaster Oven

Q: Unit description

A: The unit has 4 heating tubes (2 on top and 2 below)
Fan is located on the right side of the oven
Multilevel cooking is possible ( Has 3 oven trails can do 3 cooking levels)
Maximum heat of the external part when cooking can reach up to 140 F
Maximum food weight on the rack or basket should not exceed 6.61lbs or 3kg
Can roast up to 5.5lb of chicken (rotisserie function)
Has automatic preheat function (Press START/ CANCEL button) and it will go to preheating mode. Display will show PRE to indicate preheating process.


Q: How to set the clock? 

A: Press and hold TEMP/ TIMER for 3 seconds in stand mode to enter the clock setting. Once the clock flashes turn the knob to set the hour. Then press the knob again to switch to the minute setting. It flashes again to signal it's ready to be set, turn the knob again to set the minutes. Press the knob again to switch the clock to hour and minute setting. Press START/ CANCEL button to save and confirm.

Q: How to turn on?

A: Press the START/ CANCEL button


Q: How to cancel operation or return to standby mode?

A: Press and hold the START/CANCEL button for 1.5 seconds to cancel the cooking process.



Centrifugal Juicer

Q: Can the parts be put in the dishwasher?

A: All the detachable parts are safe for dishwasher. In addition, it’s easy and convenient to wash the parts by hand.


Q: What to do if it is damaged during transportation?

A: If this happens, we will agree to your application for return or exchange.


Q: Is the juicer easy to clean?

A: It is. All the parts can be disassembled and the accessories contain a small brush. You can use the brush to clean the filter directly.


Q: Can this juice a whole apple without it being cut up?

A: It is not recommended. The seeds may add some bitterness. The opening to feed the fruit is probably too small for a whole apple.


Q: What are the dimensions of the shipping package?

A: They are 16.45*12.76*8.11inches.


Q: Does it come with a diet?

A: No, but it is a great juicer for money.

Q: Where was the product made?

A: It was made in China.

Q: What is the voltage and wattage?

A: It is 120V, 800W.

Q: Does it come with an operation/instruction manual?

A: Yes, it comes with an operation/instruction manual. It is very easy to use.


Q: Does the juice require straining afterward?

A: The pulp from juice goes in a container in the back of the juicer. The liquid that comes out is pulp free.

Q: Does this machine get hot while operating?

A: It only turns warm, not terribly hot. And it has an overheat protection that activates automatic shut down if the motor is overloaded.


Q: Does it remain stable on the counter while operating?

A: Off course. It is designed with anti-slip rubber feet to keep the machine stable during operation.

Q: Is it noisy?

A: It only produces minimal mechanical noise lower than 65dB that is quieter than other juicers.

Q: Does the juicer leave a lot of foam on top?

A: The juice cup is designed with a foam filter to separate the foam from juice when you pour the juice into your cups.

Q: Can it be used to crush ice?

A: Theoretically, it can be used to crush ice. But I would not give you this kind of advice because ice may damage the blades inside.

Q: Do you have to slice any of the items?/Is the chute big enough to fit an entire apple?

A: Small or pliable items will fit into the chute without cutting. The chute has a 3inches diameter so a small apple or a peeled orange will drop in easily. Larger items, such as a pineapple, need to be cut to fit.


2 Slice Toaster

Q: How do I use the heating function?

A: Press the pull rod down to the bottom to start the heating function. Press the "Cancel" button, the lever pops up and the toaster stops working.

Q: Where is the cord on this toaster?

A: The cord is attached to the underside towards the back side.

Q: How long does it take to toast bread?

A: In the third slide of the product diagram, you can clearly see the corresponding time for each level.

Q: Does the unit stay cool on the outside when toasting?

A: The toaster only gets a little bit warm on the outside.But we recommend not touching the toaster while it's working.


Q: Can you toast a bagel? is wide enough?

A: The toaster has a "Bagel" function. The specific size of the toaster is shown in the seventh picture.

Q: Does the toaster have a three prong plug?

A: The toaster has a two prong plug -- not a three prong.

Q: Does this toaster beep?

A: The toaster doesn't make any noise. Only it makes the sound of a lever popping up when it's done.


Air Fryer Accessories

Q: Are the racks stainless steel?

A: The racks are made of food-grade 304 stainless steel for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Q: Those accessories fit for 5.8QT Ultrean?

A: These accessories Perfect for Ultrean 5.8Qt Air Fryer, also fits other air fryer from 4.2Qt to 6Qt Air Fryer. As for the accessories most of them are multifunctional:
METAL HOLDER is used for frying or grilling fish and other meat (Food is elavated)
EGG BITES MOLD: Use for baking round and small bread/ pastry/ jelly and for cooking small bites cupcakes and babyfood
MULTIPURPOSE GRILL: You can place the skewers on top so you can cook grilled vegetables, fruits, meat or kebabs
CAKE BARREL: Most use for baking cake, round bread etc
PIZZA PAN: Use of making pizza, pies and baking other food.
SILICON MAT: use it to line baking trays to bake cookies and other baked goods and for kneading dough. It can also be used to protect your table top surface from heat.


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